What People Say

Published: 2023-07-17 08:42:59

There's nothing more rewarding than hearing about the positive transformations and breakthroughs my clients experience. Let me share a few with you:

“I was so afraid of letting my guard down and working at a deeper level with my thoughts and deeply buried emotions. That's where working with Mike was so transformative for me. His manner, voice and effect made me feel fully accepted, safe and protected. I shared at the deepest level I think I've shared with anyone, so that he knew how to guide me. I never felt judged or questioned in any way.
I think that's the core takeaway for me. Mike allowed me to go to the places I needed to visit and to reframe them safely and with compassion.
 This process has helped me with lasting transformation, but mostly peace and self-acceptance. I can process what I experienced as an observer rather than living through it. And I emerged safely, guided to a peaceful place. Gratitude seems almost inadequate to express what I feel having gone through this experience. I accomplished this in 5 sessions broken up over about 6 months and will use Mike again as I move from surviving to thriving."

“Mike has honestly been amazing and I cannot fault him. Since my very first session he has reassured me every time I have been worried or felt unsafe, Mike has a way of making you feel so comfortable and relaxed and will always make me laugh and make our sessions something to look forward to. I could not recommend Mike more, you are guaranteed to feel relaxed and leave your session feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulder.”

"I cannot recommend Mike's hypnotherapy highly enough. After each session I felt deeply relaxed, and started to feel more resilient and focused. If you are not satisfied with the 'one fits all' approach, and are looking for a hypnotherapist who listens to you as an individual and tailors sessions that you can fully benefit from, then Mike is your person. Mike creates a safe, open space where you feel fully embraced and supported. I am slowly getting my head round quitting smoking and will definitely use Mike for the extra strength!"